Ministry of Agro-Industrial Complex increased the intervention price of butter.

Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine increased the maximum and minimum intervention prices for butter at 13-15,4% and found them to millet, oats and peas, according to UBR

According to the relevant order Minagroproda, registered by the Ministry of Justice on September 7, the minimum intervention price for butter increased from 42 thousand UAH / t to 48.5 UAH / t, maximum - 50 UAH / t to 56.5 thousand UAH / t. 

The document also sets a minimum price for peas interventional class 1 2.94 UAH / t, maximum - 3.48 UAH / tonne, Class 2 - 2.68 UAH / t and 3.22 UAH / t , Class 3 - 2,41 UAH / t and 2.95 UAH / t, respectively. 

Oats on minimum prices range from 2.2 UAH / t to 2.64 UAH / t, maximum - from 2.64 UAH / t to 3.08 UAH / tonne, depending on the class, millet - minimum of 2.5 thous. to 2.75 UAH / t, maximum - 3 thousand UAH / t to 3.25 UAH / t. 

As reported, the government annually determines the list of objects of state price controls, procurement or implementation of which, depending on the situation in the market carries the Agrarian Fund. To the objects of regulation set the minimum and maximum intervention rates, which serve as an indicator for the implementation of the Agrarian Fund of financial and commodity interventions. 

2011/12 on the list of objects in the MG state price regulation includes hard and soft wheat, the grain mixture of wheat and rye (meslin), winter rye and spring wheat, barley, peas, millet, oats, wheat and rye flour, corn, beet sugar , buckwheat, milk powder and butter.