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OPEC oil price continues to rise.

According to the Vienna-based cartel, the average price per week of oil-exporting countries (OPEC) rose to $ 122.87 per barrel. According to the latest weekly report, the highest rate of growth of prices - a price last seen in July 2008.

Iran stops oil supply to the UK, France

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran, opened the session of parliament November 1, 2011. As the ministry said oil production and refining on Sunday Iran stopped selling oil to the British and French companies in response to new EU sanctions against the existence of an Islamic state, and oil refining.

Ирак увеличивает объемы экспорта сырой нефти

Iraq is increasing its crude oil exports


In order to increase exports of crude oil Iraq has opened a new offshore platform - the installation of extraction and treatment system. This is the first object of a series of four platforms, oil refining in the Gulf. It is expected that the opening of these facilities will increase Iraqi export capacity estimated at 200,000 barrels per day.


Ukraine: In the near future is likely to introduce a duty on sunflower oil.

With a view to filling the budget on the sidelines of government discussed the introduction of duties on exports of sunflower oil to a level of 5-6% of the declaredcustoms value. Predictable result - reducing th

Ministry of Agro-Industrial Complex increased the intervention price of butter.

Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine increased the maximum and minimum intervention prices for butter at 13-15,4% and found them to millet, oats and peas, according to UBR

Opening of site.

We for the sake of you to welcome on the site of Now you will be able to obtain information, which interests you, about the various types of butters, and also to order this commodity for us ...

Nigeria: Palm oil - the second Black Gold - Professor EKPA

Judging by the magnitude of natural and human resources, Nigeria is endowed with that, there is no doubt that the nation is a "sleeping giant", lulling poor leadership and his followers. All that she wants to become a great industrial country it is. However, common nouns, such as the "Third World country," "poor country", "backward people" still cling to Nigeria as leprosy.

Useful properties of essential oil of pine

The possibilities are endless nature, the main thing to know how to use them. Our ancestors were treated only with natural resources of the disease, so enjoy good health and lived a long time, but not so on the current generation.

Oil for the face

Recent trends in the world of cosmetology - replacement cream. Indeed, the beneficial properties of essential oils has been known since the dawn of civilization. Women are always looking for means to be beautiful. Oils obtained from various plants. Today it is most important when the whole world is trying to switch to all natural: fabrics, cosmetics.

Excessive oil consumption. Solved.

First, check to see whether the leaking oil. Follows it drops - it should be removed. Secondly, change the category of oil to another. The engine may be a fake or low quality oil, drop down into the sediment with sediment, and having an increased fervor. Separator clogging deposits, and drops of engine oil get into the intake manifold through the ventilation. Therefore, consumption of oil is obtained due to a failure in the ventilation system.

Where Oil comes from and why do we need oil?

Oil produced from crude oil during the distillation and purification. First - oil is, roughly speaking, overrotten remnants of vegetation and living organisms. Oil derivatives also include: gasoline, kerosene, light and lubricants, motor and transmission oils, resins, waxes, and various aromatic hydrocarbons. One hundred years ago the division of the components of crude oil produced by office when heated to certain temperatures. Fifty years ago, people learned more accurately separate the components of oil using solvents and thickeners.

Beauty Secrets. How to maintain the beauty.


Motor Oil

    Motor oil is greasing, in-use in combustion engines. The engines of transport vehicles enter here: cars and motor cycles, heavy transport vehicles, busses and trucks,  vnedorozhnykh transport vehicles such as maps, snowmobiles, boats (stationary settings of engines and motors), lawn mowers, engines of agricultural and build big-tickets,  locomotives and airplanes, and also static systems such as electric generators.


    Jaboties and oils are lipidnye materials, got from plants. Physically, oils are liquid at a room temperature; fats - hard. Chemically - as fats and oils consist of trigliceridov, unlike a beeswax which does not have glycerin in his structure. Although many parts of plant can serve as raw material for oils - in commercial practice of butter obtained mainly from seed. Jaboties and oils are divided by edible and uneatable.


    Essential oil is the concentrated hydrophobic liquid which contains volatile connections of aromas from plants. Essential oils sometimes name as simply as "Essence ..." or "Butter ..."  plants which they were extracted from - for an example is "Butter of carnation". Butter ether possesses a characteristic smell, naturalness of plant.


    Modern creameries appeared before, coacervating for the production of butter, as a rule, going from a few milking,  fermented and processed after a few days in butter. Butter from the fermented creams is known as sourly-creamy butter. During fermentation of coacervating deteriorate in natural way, bacteria transform a lactobiose in suckling acid. The process of fermentation gives additional aroma including diacetila, that gives more complete taste and more "oily" structure during tasting of product.


    Jaboties and oils are lipidnye materials, got from plants. Physically, oils are liquid at a room temperature; fats - hard. Chemically - as fats and oils consist of trigliceridov, unlike a beeswax which does not have glycerin in his structure. Although many parts of plant can serve as raw material for oils - in commercial practice of butter obtained mainly from seed. Jaboties and oils are divided by edible and uneatable. Examples are uneatable jaboties and oils: processed  linseed oil, tung oil, castor oil (used in lubricating materials, paints, Cosmetology, pharmaceutics and other industrial aims). Many vegetable oils are consumed in food straight or indirectly, as ingredients in food stuffs - they replace adiposes, including desi and melted butter.

   Mainly setting of oils it giving viscidity, teksturirovanie, giving  and withholding of aromas in cookery. oils can be heated and to serve for preparation in their environment of other products. For this purpose oils must have a high temperature of igniting. The best of all the soy-bean befit for this purpose, rape, sunflower, peanut, cotton oils and other tropical oils such as a palm-oil, coconut butter and butter of rice brans, from their unusually high temperature of igniting is especially valued in the Asiatic cultures, where the high temperature of preparation of food is used.

   The unsaturated fats of vegetable and oils can be regenerate by the partial or complete hydrogenizing in fats and oils with more high temperature of melting. The process of hydrogenizing plugs in itself "splashing" of butter at a high temperature and pressure in  an environment with hydrogen in presence a catalyst (as a rule - powdery connection of nickel). Butter can be hydrogenated for the increase of stability to progorkaniyu (to oxidization) or on purpose change his physical descriptions. When the degree of satiation is increased -  viscidity of butter and his temperature of melting is increased also.

    Industrial use

    Vegetable oils are used as an ingredient or component in many kinds by the produced industry of products. Many vegetable oils are used for a production washed, candles, products on the care of skin, perfumes, other cosmetic  facilities and facilities of the personal hygiene.
    Some oils especially well befit for preservation and used for making of oily paints and other products  of treatment of wood.
    Butter Dammar (mixture of linseed oil and resin is a dammar) for example, used almost exceptionally for renewal of corps of wooden courts.
    Vegetable oils are all more frequent used in electrical engineering industry as insulators, because vegetable oils are not toxic for an environment.
    oils which are more stable, for example, ben-oils, are preferable to some industrial aims. Vegetable oils on the basis of, for example, castor oil, used as medicine and as greasing in the flow of great while. Castor oil has a great number of applications in industrial aims, above all things from the presence of hydroxy-groups on the chain of fat acids. Castor oil and other vegetable oils which were chemically modified, to contain hydroxy-groups, acquire all greater value in the production of poliuretanovogo plastic.
    Vegetable butter is used in the production of some forage. AAFCO determines vegetable butter, in this context, as a product of phytogenous, got by extraction of butter from seed or garden-stuffs which are processed for food  aims.
    Vegetable oils also used for making of biodiesel which can be used as an ordinary fuel-oil.

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