Useful properties of essential oil of pine

The possibilities are endless nature, the main thing to know how to use them. Our ancestors were treated only with natural resources of the disease, so enjoy good health and lived a long time, but not so on the current generation.

One of the oldest medical facilities given to us by nature, is an oil extracted from pine cones and pine resin or pine. Essential oil of pine trees have many useful properties.
Essential oil of pine improves psycho-emotional state - eliminates irritability, anxiety, relieves the effects of stress. Pine oil activates mental activity, is a known aphrodisiac. When muscular and mental strain useful relaxing bath with essential oils of pine.
Proved beneficial effects of pine oil on the skin, hair and nails. It is effective for acne, furunculosis, pustular skin lesions. Pine oil eliminates bad breath, as capable of killing bacteria that multiply in the mucosa of the mouth. Essential oil of pine increases skin's resistance to the effects of environmental factors, is used for brittle nails, and dandruff.
Since ancient times, essential oil of pine used in the complex health-care facilities at various colds, as anti-inflammatory and expectorant. On the basis of the oil produced balms rubbing the chest with tracheitis and bronchitis.
Pine essential oil has a strong analgesic effect, so effective in neuralgia, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as arthritis. In addition, it greatly increases the body's defenses.
The essential oil used in the inhalations to reduce inflammation in diseases of the respiratory system. For disinfection of the premises during seasonal epidemics of SARS and influenza.
Pine essential oil can be blended with other oils such as rosemary, allspice, lavender, myrtle, tea tree, thyme, cypress, cedar, eucalyptus and others.
In addition to individual intolerances, specific contraindications to the use of no.