Essential oil is the concentrated hydrophobic liquid which contains volatile connections of aromas from plants. Essential oils sometimes name as simply as "Essence ..." or "Butter ..."  plants which they were extracted from - for an example is "Butter of carnation". Butter ether possesses a characteristic smell, naturalness of plant.


    Essential oils, as a rule, are extracted by distillation. Other processes plug in itself extraction or extraction by a solvent.  This type of butters used in a perfumery, Cosmetology, for a production washed other products, for aromatization of food and drink, for addition of aromas of products of incense and cleaning up of dwellings apartments.


    Different essential oils were used medicine in different periods of history. Medical application (from position of salespeople) of essential oils is varied in a range from the care of skin to the prophylaxis of cancer diseases and it is often grounded only on the historical facts of application of essential oils aims of prophylaxis. In connection with toughening of requirements to medications in most countries to avoid  criminal responsibility some suppliers of essences however come running to diffuse formulations of promises.

    Interest to to essential oils regenerated in the last decades with growth of popularity of aromatherapy.  An aromatherapy  is a branch  of alternative medicine, which asserts that essential oils and other aromatic connections have a medical effect. Butters  evaporate or dissolve in a solvent and used for a massage. Nebulize butters heating on flame of candle, burning or their smoking.


    Receptions and methods of production of essential oils are first mentioned Ibn Al'-Baytarom (1188-1248), - by the Andalusia doctor, druggist and chemist.
    Although presently there is scornful attitude toward essential oils in pharmacology, different essential oils save considerable popularity, partly for the prophylaxis of different sort of diseases, transmissible vozdushno-kapel'nym a way and partly in folk medicine. Unfortunately, it hampers the receipt of reliable Refs.s, touching their pharmacological a creature.


    On occasion the use of essential oils does not cause doubts. In particular considerable advantages have essential oils as compared to many medications which are released over-the-counter (for example, at treatment of cough the method of inhalations). But it right  only in those cases, when the use of drastic medications also is not justified. Typical ingredients for such application plug in itself butters of eucalyptus, Mentholum, kapsaicin, anise and camphor.
   Influence of essential oils on a skin and mucous membrane can be both positive and subzero. In particular essential oils are used for the production of antiseptics and ointments.


    An aromatherapy is one of forms of alternative medicine in which a healthful action is added aromatic connections to essential oils and other vegetable extracts. Many ordinary essential oils possess medical properties which was used in folk medicine from ancient times and until now used widely. For example, many essential oils possess antiseptic properties.