For cosmetic aims widely use oils and fats of different types and origin.
It is separately necessary to select oils on mineral basis.
Mineral oil can be different colors and smells of easy mixtures of alkanes in a range from C15 to C40 of (mineral) not phytogenous, in particular is a result of distillate of oil. Determination of mineral oil in itself is inexact, because it was used for denotation of many concrete oils during a few ages. Other names similarly unexactly include white oil, liquid paraffin, and liquid nefteprodukty. More frequent than all, liquid mineral oil is a by-product of distillation of oil in the process of production of petrol and other oil products on the basis of crude oil.


    Mineral oil in this sense is a transparent, colourless liquid and consists mainly of alkanes and cyclic paraffins, related to vaseline (also known as "white vaseline"). He has a closeness about 0,8 g/sm3. Mineral oil is a matter in relation to a low cost and produced in very generous amounts. Mineral butter is produced in lights and heavy sorts, him it is often possible to find in pharmacies.


    There are three basic classes of the refined mineral oils:

  • paraffin oils, on the basis of n-alkanes
  • naftenovye oils, based on cikloalkanov
  • aromatic oils, on the basis of aromatic hydrocarbons (not to mix up with essential oils)


    Mineral oil is a general ingredient for child's los'onov, cold creams, ointments and cosmetic facilities of wide spectrum of application. It  inexpensive derivative oil, which does not have a smell and taste. He can be used for causing on cilia,  with the purpose of prevention of fragility and different sort of violations. Cold mixtures also used for the delete of cream, makiyazha and temporal tattoos.


    To one of global problems, touching the use of mineral oil there is his being in a few lists of komedogennykh matters. These lists were developed centuries ago, and often quoted in dermatological literature. It was discovered as a result of researches (Magazine of cosmetic dermatology (2005)), that some types of mineral oils of high degree of cleaning and cleared nefteproduktov discovered in cosmetic products does not stop up a pore.