Beauty Secrets. How to maintain the beauty.


Correctly say that Russian women are the most beautiful in the world. After all, only they are so kind to look. To always look charming, it is necessary to make great efforts. But this does not mean that fashion and expensive cosmetics - this is the key to success. There are many rules of beauty that must be followed. So: 
Rule one: exercise.
Dancing, shaping, aerobics will help you always arrive in great shape and catch the admiring glances, both men and women. If you do not have time or money on training in the gym, you train at home. Now on sale a lot of CDs and books to help with this. Do not forget that the movement - that's life. 
Rule two: more sleep. 
Lack of sleep leads to an unpleasant consequences such as sick complexion, "bags" and dark circles under eyes, headache. Do you need it? Try to go to bed until midnight, well before this Fanned room. 
Rule number three: walk in the fresh air.
The skin also needs to breathe. Try to make every day a walk in the fresh air. You can get out of town with friends at barbecues or a romantic evening by the lake with your beloved. If there is no one to accompany you, it can be a walk around the shops. Shopping so improves the mood! 
The fourth rule is: eat well.
Healthy eating - it does not mean that you should eat only fresh herbs, just around the need to know when to stop. Try not to overeat, but the hunger itself is not zamarivayte. Eat less fatty, salty foods, pastries and soft drinks, then to figure everything will be okay. Eat foods rich in vitamins and microelements. This carrots (vitamin A), curd and cheese (calcium), liver, and apples (iron), seafood (iodine, phosphorus). For skin and hair are most useful vitamins A, E, B, which are rich in nuts, fruits and vegetables. 
Rule number five: do not overuse the sun.
Sun exposure may cause early wrinkles around the eyes, hurt your skin. So use a sunscreen daily, even if you spend little time outdoors and wear sunglasses. 
Rule six: Clean the skin thoroughly.
Do not wash-up, never go to bed! To makeup and grime accumulated over the whole day, did not interfere with the skin to breathe. Use the lotion to remove makeup, lotion or tonic to cleanse the skin. 
The seventh rule: watch your wardrobe. 
Hoodie as a dress or skirt ridiculous, plastered with rhinestones, it is unlikely you will decorate. Try to dress stylishly. Read fashion magazines, catalogs, see and learn from someone else's example. But, of course, this does not mean that you need someone to copy - it is important to come up with your own image. By the way, expensive boutiques - this is not the only place where you can dress nicely. There are plenty of shops with reasonable prices. Even second-hand you can often find great things proprietary. Try to do crafts, learn to sew, knit or sew, then your wardrobe will be filled with unique items. 
Rule eight: Get rid of bad habits.
Nothing will save your looks from the harmful effects of smoking. Women who smoke have dry skin, with a grayish tinge, early wrinkles and yellow teeth. This is unlikely to attract men ... It is preferable not to abuse alcohol. Of course, not a sin to drink a little wine for the holiday, even occasionally useful, but often do not. Here and comments will be unnecessary. 
And finally, learn optimism. After a light attitude towards life - the most important rule of beauty.
What could be better than a woman's face, lit by a beautiful smile?